About Me

Hello, I’m Stella Drivas and my love of cooking healthy foods has led me here… recipe ideas and development at hungryhappens.com. I take traditional recipes and clean them up. This is done by using whole ingredients, unprocessed foods, high in nutritional value and health benefits.

Prior to having my children, I was an inactive, excuse producer that constantly struggled with my weight. Whether it was by starving myself or binging on junk food, I was never able to maintain. However, after I gave birth I had a ton of weight to lose (60 lbs. with my first and 55 with my second).  I achieved weight loss through moderate exercise and eating real food.  If you are looking to lose weight, I have a few tips I can offer you from my own personal experience/success:

  1. Eat clean meals, many times a day.  Do not skip meals, snacking is good – it will prevent a massive psycho hungry episode that will propel you into binging.  Snack on healthy munchies – nuts, yogurt, carrots – skip the carby, sodium-laden crackers and chips.  Stick to baked/roasted or grilled chicken, fish, salads, vegetables – you get the picture.
  2. Drink plenty of water.  it fills you up and clears you up.  so many times I have felt fatigued/tired and threw back a big glass of water and immediately felt better.  SKIP THE SODAS (even diet sodas) AND SUGARY JUICES!
  3. Do not eat after dinner.  when I lost the weight, I would eat pretty much whatever I wanted (large portions) but skip bedtime snacks.
  4. No sugar – I would only take a spoonful in my coffee in the morning.. that is it.  No donuts, cookies, cake, nothing.  Don’t get me wrong, I would have a piece of cake at a wedding or party; but no sugar on a daily or weekly basis.

Where does my knowledge and know-how come from?

The most profound impact on my eating habits comes from my mother and grandmother. They instilled in me two lifetimes of traditional Mediterranean food culture. I always ask myself, would my grandmother eat this?  Also, COOK!  it’s actually a lot of fun and self-fulfilling – physically and mentally.  Try to get your partner or kids involved too.  Blast some dance music on the iPod and shake what your mama gave you — in the kitchen.  Yes, I do this.
My main goal in this endeavor is to pass this message along to my children, family and whomever else is willing to listen. Fortunately, through social media, the impact one person can have is endless.  Personally, I am so grateful that I have so many friends on social media networks.  i especially love hearing your feedback on HH recipes.

My formula for a healthy life…

Mindset. Take control. You must want to improve and maintain the quality of your life. You must have your own well being as a top priority. And you MUST believe in yourself and all that you are capable of!!!

  • Exercise. It doesn’t have to be intense and body building-esque. Of course, this varies with your own personal goals, but if you are starting out, take it slow – your body will advance at its own pace.  And remember, never compare yourself to someone else.  You have no idea how long and intense they have been working out.  Once you start moving, you will become addicted to it; it’s all the endorphins – love those little guys.
  • Real Food. Choose high quality, unprocessed foods. Granted, it is fabulous to shop at local farmers markets, but that is not always feasible for all of us. When you are at the supermarket, stay out of the middle of the store; shop the outer perimeter, where the food goes bad quickly. Remember, the longer the shelf life, the shorter yours.
  • Research. Knowledge is power. Always consider the nutritional advantages and benefits of what you put into your body. You really are what your eat.
  • Relax. This is not do or die. We are here to enjoy life. My family and I still eat foods like pizza and donuts. It is inevitable. But now, they are limited instances, where in the past, they were common place.  Just trust your instincts and do not over-indulge.