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Dessert, Gluten Free

flourless espresso brownies

  This brownie is so perfect in so many ways.  Flourless.  So fudgy and delicious.  Underlying flavor of espresso/mocha.  Ugh so so rich.  And of course the chocolate frosting (optional really) but magnificent none-the-less.  Do yourself a massive favor and make these brownies. Brownie Ingredients: 6 tbs coconut oil* 3/4 […]


4 ingredients single nutella lava cake

  When there is a need for some midnight Nutella action… its kind of like the booty call of cakes.  Zero commitment with a big ole cake but all the satisfaction in taste.  Just fixes everything quickly and effortlessly. Ingredients: 4 tbs all purpose flour 1/4 tsp baking powder 1/4 […]